CF 1 SMD-Oven Cleaner 1L

CF1 Smd Oven Cleaner, 1L, Tuotantolaiteiden ja osien manuaaliseen pesuun

  • Tuote nro: 090618***

Tuotteen kuvaus

CF1 Aqueous alkaline cleaning ReadyMix CF1® oven cleaner is an aqueous alkaline cleaning ReadyMix for manual cleaning e.g. by spraying and, after a short soaking period, wiping with a cloth.  CF1® oven cleaner cleans colophonium (rosin) and flux quickly, thoroughly and with best possible product protection e.g. from machinery parts, solder frames, carriers, aluminum, PVC, stainless steel, glass etc. without rinsing.  In case of hardened and old contamination we recommend the product kolb G50®, Part No. 090620.