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DEK Vector Guard

Based on proven, laser-cut and Electroform technology, these cost effective VectorGuard foils are ideal for high quality manufacturing environments requiring an exceptionally fast delivery time.


Delivering exceptional aperture wall definition, laser-cut stainless steel, nickel and electroform stencils offer all the printability and paste release advantages for an enhanced process performance. VectorGuard technology is the first choice stencil technology.

  • Conventional stencil design rules apply: Sub 4 mil (100µm) aperture; 2 mil (50µm) gap
  • Standard laser-cut Stainless Steel foil thicknesses: 4 mil (100µm) to 8 mil (200µm) in 25µm steps 
  • Standard laser-cut Nickel foil thicknesses: 4 mil (100µm) to 6 mil (150µm) in 25µm steps
  • Standard Electroform foil thicknesses: 1 mil (25µm) to 8 mil (200µm) in 10µm steps
  • Available Frame Sizes: 431.8 x 341.8 mm (17" x 17"), 584.2 x 584.2 mm (23” x 23”), 736.6 x 584.2 mm (29” x 23”) and 736.6 x 736.6 (29" x 29")
  • Sidebar Kit: 736.6 x 736.6 mm (29” x 29”)
  • VectorGuard® foil storage thickness, including aluminium extruded edge: 5mm
  • Manufactured to fit most screen printing platforms worldwide


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