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MP Elektronik introduces the DryCabinet ST Series

MP Elektronik based in Czech Republic is the best place to look when looking for a high quality dry cabinet at an affordable price. All our cabinets are rigidly constructed and of an extremely high quality build standard from the highest quality materials available. We pride ourselves on constructing Dry Cabinets that not only get the job done, but also increase productivity on the production floor.

Stop living in the past, RFID is the future of Dry Cabinets.

Our user-friendly patent pending RFID Access System is sure to appeal to companies of all sizes to make sure you know exactly who has access into the cabinet at all times. Our unique RFID capabilities make it easy to give only the people you want in the cabinet access and to keep the others out. With RFID capabilities, in combination of magnetic locks, there will be no more mystery as to who has been in the cabinet and how long it was opened. These unique security and traceability features are sure to improve production times and give you peace of mind. Welcome to the keyless era of Dry Cabinets for your company.

Why invest in a higher standard of Dry Cabinets?

By investing in MP Dry Cabinets you are going to save money. There will be no more costly maintenance fees, less man hours put in, and less electrical costs just by taking the leap into a new generation of storage and regeneration solutions. We have extensively researched and compared our products to our competitors and consistently find that regeneration times are quicker and more reliable due to our extremely low humidity control. Not only did we find that our cabinets are in fact of higher quality we also found that we offer more options, more custom solutions, and extreme diversity all at a lower price.

What makes the ST Series so special?

The MP DryCabinet ST Series offers ultra-low humidity levels that are reliable all the way down to 0.5% RH. The Rotronic humidity sensor that is equipped in all our cabinets gives such accurate humidity tracking that it is even used to calibrate other humidity sensors in labs across Europe. Not only do our cabinets quickly and accurately control humidity but they also can maintain temperatures up to 70°C for extra-fast drying capabilities. All our ST Series cabinets also come equipped with high quality metal laminated double-glass and superior thermal insulation sandwiched between two walls of stainless steel to insure low running costs and user safe temperatures on the outside surface. All of our ST series are ESD safe due to our complete stainless steel design. Our cabinets also offer solutions such as a standardly equipped touchscreen that make them user friendly and highly desired. Our touchscreen also offers password protection on all relevant process parameters.

What makes MP Dry Cabinets stand out from the competition?

MP Elektronik is currently the only dry cabinet producer on the market to offer truly user friendly solutions to traceability and production floor security. Production lines of all sizes will love the easy to learn intuitive tracing software that allows you to know exactly where things are and where they need to be. With our tracing software you can simply scan the product, scan the storage shelf of any cabinet you are putting the product, and let the software do the rest. Gone are the days of having to log information in excel sheets to manually track how long a device needs to be stored/dried. Our intuitive software will tell you exactly how long the device needs to be on the shelf before it is completely regenerated. Not only is our software enough to make us stand out but, we also offer hardware that cannot be compared. Our four door cabinets come with two drying units standard so you never have to wait on dry unit regeneration. We are also the only company to offer up to four drying units in one cabinet for drying capabilities you’ve never experienced before.

What if I don’t need heating capabilities?

Here at MP Elektronik we also offer the LT series which has the same reliable drying capabilities you need but without the extra heat. The LT series is the perfect solution to long term component storage offering low humidity levels down to 0.5%RH and ESD safe design. Heating is also still available up to 40°C for those that want it. The LT series also, of course, RFID compatible, touchscreen standard, and can also be equipped with all the security features that make our cabinets stand out from the competition.

MP Elektronik is here to set a new standard in component drying and storage solutions. Welcome to a new age in drying technology. To see more about our dry cabinets and to contact us please visit

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