ContraFlux FM-GN 25l

ContraFlux BC, 25L, Pesuaine huoltoosien pesuun. Tiiviste

  • Tuote nro: 090624-RM25

Tuotteen kuvaus

ContraFlux BC Cleaning concentrate especially for maintenance cleaning ContraFlux® BC is an aqueous alkaline broadband cleaner concentrate specifically designed for maintenance cleaning of tools and containers used in electronics manufacturing.  ContraFlux® BC particularly cleans rosin, colophonium and flux residues.  ContraFlux® BC is ideally suited for the quick and thorough cleaning with best material protection of solder frames, solder masks, ESD boxes, PCB magazines. Depending on the cleaning task also suitable for misprints, screens and stencils.  ContraFlux® BC is a concentrate to blend with water for use in kolb AirFlow® and PowerSpray® systems as well as all common spray-in-immersion and spray-in-air cleaning systems. Depending on product and cleaning task also suitable for ultrasonic cleaning systems and manual cleaning.  ContraFlux® BC reaches its best efficiency at a mixing ratio of 1: 3 to 1: 5 with water.