SnBiAg paste, type3, 0,5kg jar

Interflux DP5600 Sn42Bi57Ag1 juotospasta type3, 500g

  • Tuote nro: DP5600 SNBIAG 0,5KG

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Interflux DP5600 matalansulamispisteen juotospasta. Raekoko type3. 500g. DP 5600 is a no-clean halide free solder paste for low melting point SnBi(Ag) alloys. The solder paste is typically be-ing used for soldering compo-nents with sensitivity to high temperatures, like e.g. LEDs, Elcos, components with plastic bodies, etc... Another field of use is the soldering of shieldings. DP 5600 provides good wetting and clean soldering results with-out the typical black spots. The paste combines low voiding with a high stability on the sten-cil. DP 5600 is absolutely halogen free, providing optimal reliability after soldering. The residues after reflow are minimal and clear.
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